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Coaching Workshop Established in America for parents training

About 40 years ago, in California, a state of United States of America, a 15 old year child killed his 12 years classmate when they were playing together.
This incident not only shocked California but the whole united states was in shock due to this incident.a new argument  was formed. Everybody was asking how did this happen? and how did it happen?
After  few months a new NGO was formed in the united states which established a "Coaching Workshop"  for the training of Parents which was named as Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

In the earlier sessions of this workshop, many of the Children specialist provided there own observations and theories but all of them had the same perspective that before giving there  instructiveness to there children parents must make some basic rule that how should be there behaviour with there child.
They can make a brick  wall by being rude or strict with them or they can be friends with them by being polite and unprofessional with them.
Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) was the first training program in which it was taught that how parents should maintain a friendly behaviour with there children and how to solve there domestic problems
In the whole world two types of methods are used to take work from children ,one is by giving them lust of a prize or by spooking them to punishment.
According to a report both of these ways have bad effects on child’s mind.they do not learn to respect others and they also learn to give Threat or intimidation to others.

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